Pray for Pelé: Brazilian fans gather outside the hospital where O’Rei is staying to pray for his health

Pray for Pelé: Brazilian fans gather outside the hospital where O’Rei is staying to pray for his health

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A group of Brazilian fans held a vigil this Sunday in front of the Sao Paulo hospital where former soccer player Edson Arantes do Nascimento ‘Pelé’ has been hospitalized since Tuesday for a respiratory infection to express their support and ask for an improvement in his health.

The nearly 75 fans who participated in the event went to the Albert Einstein Hospital summoned by the Torcida Jovem do Santos, one of the main organized supporters of the club in which the three-time world champion was immortalized, but several admitted they were fans of other Brazilian teams.

“Pelé is not from Santos. We hugged him because he wore the Santos shirt but he is not exclusive to Santos. He is from all clubs; he is from Brasil; he is of the world, and for that reason he must be revered. He is above all earthly things. He is from another planet ”, the financial market operator Marcus Bispo, one of those present in the surveillance, told EFE.

Bispo added that all Brazilian fans are concerned about Pelé’s current state of health and that is why we are “here with a heavy heart and praying that God gives the king eternal life.”; May it give you strength to win this battle, like all the others you have already won.”

In addition to a giant Torcida Jovem do Santos flag decorated with an image of Pelé, fans displayed signs in front of the hospital wishing the King good health and “long life”.

On Saturday, before the multiplication of messages from around the world expressing concern for his health and wishing him improvements, Pelé himself published a reassuring text on social networks in which he said that he is “strong” and that he is undergoing treatment for colon cancer. who was diagnosed in 2021.

“My friends, I want to keep you all calm and positive thinking. I am strong, with a lot of hope and I continue my treatment as always,” said the 82-year-old former soccer player.

With his message, the man considered by many to be the best footballer of all time came up against a version published by the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper which ensures that Pelé is no longer responding to the chemotherapy treatment he is undergoing, so his doctors opted to suspend him and offer him palliative care.

Shortly before Pelé himself spoke, a medical bulletin released by Albert Einstein reported that the former soccer player is stable and responding well to the procedures with which he is treating his respiratory infection.

The ex-soccer player’s health has deteriorated in recent years also due to other causes, such as spinal, hip and knee problems, which have reduced his mobility and forced him to undergo surgery, as well as suffering a kidney crisis.

This has drastically reduced his public appearances, although he remains very active on social networks.

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