Presenter Mariazel bought a house in Acapulco – El Diario NY

Presenter Mariazel bought a house in Acapulco – El Diario NY

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The Spanish presenter and actress Mariazel is waiting for her second son, but that has not stopped her and her partner Adrián Rubio from continuing to work and achieve great things for the family.

Recently the presenter shared great news on her Instagram account: has bought a house in AcapulcoMexico. It must be remembered that Mariazel was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, but she has developed her professional career in Mexico.

Even in the Instagram post explained the importance that Acapulco has for her. “Many years ago Adrián gave me an engagement ring in Acapulco, we had known each other for a long time, but we had not been dating for a long time. “We never got married and I lost the ring a year later, also in Acapulco, but that is another story.”

In the photo You can see the couple and their first daughter, Laia, posing hugging next to a sign that says House 1. They are on a large empty plot of land, but there are no structures already built.

It is not known if the family will begin to build the home from scratch, but in the Instagram text it says: “We fully trust that Acapulco and all the affected areas of Guerrero will shine again as before and even more. We want to do our bit to make it happen.”

Mariazel has a very close personal history with Acapulco, just like Adrián. That is why for several years they set the goal of getting a house in the town.initially it will be a vacation residence, but they also think of it as their retirement home.

“For a long time we have fantasized about one day having a home here, near the sea, where perhaps we could retire as old people, there is less and less to go haha ​​and today, after almost 20 years, a lot of work, effort, sacrifice, after some seasons of being separated for work, many failed businesses and a few successful ones, after a lot of scrimping, but above all after making a great team as a couple, this dream begins to come true and just at the moment when we will be parents again, So that motivates us even more to continue working hard to continue building a better future for our family,” the television presenter wrote.

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