President of the AFA wants to see Messi playing in the 2026 World Cup in North America

President of the AFA wants to see Messi playing in the 2026 World Cup in North America

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The president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, expressed its position on the possibility that Lionel Messi He played his sixth World Cup in 2026, months after the star said that “it is difficult for it to happen, due to age and time.”

Despite the words of the world champion, the boss of Argentine football He said that he dreams of seeing Messi dressed as an albiceleste once again in a World Cup and that he is confident that he would do wellbecause he thinks that “quietly” he will be able to play the tournament, although he clarified that the footballer will be the one who will have the last word when the time comes.

Yes, I imagine him (Messi) and I would like him to be” Tapia told the EFE agency during his participation in the Sport Summit Leaders event, which is held in Buenos Aires, adding that, “With the conditions he has, he can easily play the 26″ World Cup.

Messi will be close to 40 years old in the next edition of the FIFA tournament, which will be played in Canada, the United States and Mexico, so he may not have the same agility as his youth, but even so he could contribute a lot to the team.

I see him in the World Cup playing in the position he wants to play because he can really do it and it will depend on what he wants, but without a doubt I dream of that tooTapia said.

After praising the “best player in the world” saying that “he always goes for more”, “he never leaves you” and “he always surprises you”, the sports leader pointed out that Messi’s participation in the next World Cup “depends on him”. , “of their desire” and “of their hunger to win things”.

However, before there is another appointment with the Albiceleste, the Copa América 2024, which, if played by the Argentine captain, would make managers and fans “happy”.

Tapia also revealed that another of the points in favor that could help him decide is that “he is happy with the (Argentine) team”, “with the group of teammates and the coaching staff led by Lionel Scaloni.”

Lionel Messi has already joined training with the Argentina team

The Inter Miami striker arrived in Argentina on Tuesday to join the training sessions of the Albiceleste, current world champion, with a view to the double date of the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

This time the star came from a different league, from the MLSwhere his team is undefeated since his arrival and It’s been all the rage on this side of the world.

“I love to see it well, with new challenges and keep winning things, it’s incredible,” said Tapia, who was enthusiastic when expressing: “He is making a football that many did not watch that the whole world watches” and that a league “is more competitive than it was.”

Regarding the more personal bond she has with the striker, Tapia said she felt lucky for her closeness with the star.

“I am lucky for the relationship I have with him, because it is really affectionate”, affirmed the president of the AFA, “proud” and “blessed” that the captain has given him his home and family.

Argentina begins this Thursday its defense of the world title achieved in Qatar 2022, with the match against Ecuador, and then it will travel to La Paz, where it will face Bolivia.

“It is still a screwed-up tie”, because “they are games that one wants to have in another instance”, Tapia described.

Although the South American qualifiers “are difficult competitions”, Tapia foresaw that they will continue to “enjoy everything that this team generates and will continue to generate”.

*With information from EFE

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