Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: Monday, May 20

Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: Monday, May 20

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Like every day, we present you the financial report that we consult at the end of the day. Currencies have shown slight changes against the dollar. What is the property of the dollar today? Throughout this note we share this information and more, so we invite you to continue reading.

Today, Monday, May 20, 2024, the price of dollar in Mexico it is 16.6032 Mexican pesos at the close of the day, which indicates that it presented an increase of +0.132, which is equal to +0.08%, this compared to the day before, Sunday, May 19. As we can see, the Mexican currency has begun to recover and gain ground, so it is expected to follow the same path towards the end of the month.

Price of the dollar in Mexico on May 20, 2024:

As we mentioned, today the dollar It is listed at 16.60 pesos, however, we must also take into account that according to this value, Mexican banks also make corresponding adjustments to the purchase and sale price. So that you can compare the closing prices, we share the list below.


Price of the dollar today when purchasing:

  • Banco Azteca: 15.80 Mexican pesos
  • BBVA: 15.54 Mexican pesos
  • Inbursa: 16.30 Mexican pesos
  • Banorte: 15.50 Mexican pesos
  • Santander: 15.55 Mexican pesos
  • Banregio: 15.90 Mexican pesos
  • Banbajío: 15.90 Mexican pesos
  • Affirm: 15.70 Mexican pesos
  • Scotiabank: 15.10 Mexican pesos
  • Citibanamex: 16.13 Mexican pesos

Dollar price for sale today:

  • Banco Azteca: 17.34 Mexican pesos
  • BBVA: 17.07 Mexican pesos
  • Inbursa: 18.00 Mexican pesos
  • Banorte: 16.90 Mexican pesos
  • Santander: 17.20 Mexican pesos
  • Banregio: 17.20 Mexican pesos
  • Banbajío: 17.20 Mexican pesos
  • Affirm: 17.10 Mexican pesos
  • Scotiabank: 18.00 Mexican pesos
  • Citibanamex: 17.00 Mexican pesos
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Price of the dollar in Latin America on May 20, 2024:

On the other hand, we also consult at Investing the exchange of the dollar to other Latin American currencies. The Brazilian real did not present changes at the close, as did the Colombian and Chilean pesos; On the other hand, the Argentine peso is trading with a decrease of -0.11%.

  • Brazilian real: 5.1035 reais
  • Colombian peso: 3,807.17 pesos
  • Chilean peso 890.43 pesos
  • Argentine peso: 882.8472 pesos
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