Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: TUESDAY, April 2, 2024

Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: TUESDAY, April 2, 2024

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As usual, today, we have prepared the financial information regarding the exchange rate of the US dollar. Which is the price of the dollar today? Below, we present the exchange rate to the Mexican peso and also the currencies of other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina; as well as in national banking institutes.

Today, April 2, 2024, the exchange rate from the US dollar to the Mexican peso is 16.6200 per unit, that is, it increased a +0.0082 (+0.05%) since the close of the previous day, April 1. This month the good streak continues for the Mexican, which he has maintained since the first half of March.

Price of the dollar in Mexico on April 2, 2024:

As we mentioned, the price of the dollar today It is 16.62 dollars and due to the change in price, the different banks in Mexico made the corresponding adjustments, which is why we also present the price list below so you can compare them.


Price of the dollar today when purchasing:

  • Banco Azteca: 15.75 Mexican pesos
  • BBVA: 15.76 Mexican pesos
  • Inbursa: 16.30 Mexican pesos
  • Banorte: 15.65 Mexican pesos
  • Santander: 15.50 Mexican pesos
  • Banregio: 15.80 Mexican pesos
  • Banbajío: 16.00 Mexican pesos
  • Scotiabank: 14.50 Mexican pesos
  • Citibanamex: 16.10 Mexican pesos

Dollar price for sale today:

  • Banco Azteca: 17.19 Mexican pesos
  • BBVA: 16.89 Mexican pesos
  • Inbursa: 18.00 Mexican pesos
  • Banorte: 17.05 Mexican pesos
  • Santander: 17.20 Mexican pesos
  • Banregio: 17.20 Mexican pesos
  • Banbajío: 17.20 Mexican pesos
  • Scotiabank: 17.80 Mexican pesos
  • Citibanamex: 17.03 Mexican pesos

Price of the dollar in Latin America on April 2, 2024:

On the other hand, we have also consulted the price of the dollar today, Tuesday, April 2, in other Latin American countries, which closed in the green. For its part, in Brazil it had an increase of +0.02%, in Colombia of +0.01%, in Chile of +0.07% and in Argentina of +0.13%.

  • Brazilian real: 4.9925 reais
  • Colombian peso: 3,848.13 pesos
  • Chilean peso: 979.73 pesos
  • Argentine peso: 857.7501 pesos
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