Prince William ANGRY at rumors circulating about Kate Middleton after announcing cancer

Prince William ANGRY at rumors circulating about Kate Middleton after announcing cancer


Who has been the center of attention during the last few months, has been Kate Middletonafter it was announced that she was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. But let’s remember that before this information about her was known, there were many rumors about her. health after having had abdominal surgery, and not only that, a lot was also said about her marriage to prince william.

And this wave of rumors began because she had not been seen since the Christmas celebrations of 2023 and after her surgery, it was reported that she could return to her royal activities until Easter, which began to generate a series of Conspiracy theories due to lack of information.

Many things were said about the Wale’s princess Before his illness became known and in the face of silence from Buckingham Palace, some of the theories said that the surgery had gone wrong, that he was in serious health condition, that he had undergone plastic surgery, that he was going through a marriage crisis with the prince or until she would have left home with her three children due to William’s alleged infidelity with Rose Hanbury.


William was upset by all the conspiracy theories about Kate

It has now been revealed that the Prince of Wales would have been enraged after all these rumors and conspiracy theories that circulated before and after the diagnosis was announced, as reported by a former employee to People magazine, but this discomfort would have been during this week, as he was “upset and angry.”

“William is tenacious and sometimes stubborn. That, and his emphasis on family life, will give him the backbone and strength to get through this,” said Valentine Low.


Let us remember that rumors that something bad was happening with her began to increase after she was supposedly caught inside a car, but many pointed out that it was not about her, while she also gave something to talk about because of the photograph she uploaded with her children and that it was crossed out as having been edited, although it would later be confirmed that this would have been the case.


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