Prince William will build 24 houses on royal land – El Diario NY

Prince William will build 24 houses on royal land – El Diario NY


Prince William, heir to the British throne, has launched the ambitious Homewards project which he presented eight months ago. The first action will be build 24 houseswhich will be located on the lot that the royals own in Cornwall, a county located in the southwestern tip of England.

These new houses will be within the dukedom that Edward III established in 1337 for his son Prince Edward. The lot is said to encompass 129,604 acres. When Prince William presented the Homewards project, he said: “It is a big task, but I firmly believe that, by working together, Homelessness can be made rarebrief and not repeated.”

At the moment it is known that construction will begin this year and Its completion is scheduled for the fall of 2025.. In total, $4 million dollars will be invested in its construction.

In addition to Prince William, this first part of the project in Cornwall will be carried out in partnership with St Petrocsa charity that has worked with homeless people in the area for years.

It is said that the prince’s team will be made up of designers and other experts to achieve the best result.

We must remember that at the beginning of 2023 King Charles III offered three of the royal residences as warm benches for those in need. Those residences were Mey Castle, Dumfries House and The Orchard Room.

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