Program Today, driver ends contract this December, is she leaving?

Program Today, driver ends contract this December, is she leaving?

Today program, driver ends contract this December, is she leaving? (Facebook)

Program Today, driver ends contract this December, is she leaving? | Facebook

With the arrival of the month of decemberalso comes the end of contract of one of the most important and beloved hosts of Mexican television on the Hoy program, so it is already being speculated that this beautiful woman will continue or terminate her time on this morning show, which has become one of the most important of the entire small screen.

It’s about the famous, Andrea Legarretawhose contract with Televisa is ending this December, after many years of working for the Today program in an uninterrupted way. Hence, many question whether it will continue to appear in the morning in 2023.

according to the same Andrea LegarretaDespite the fact that her contract comes to an end this December 2022, she hopes to be able to sit down and negotiate and thus continue her relationship with Televisa and evidently keep his place in the Today programAlthough, he also wants to do other projects.

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When taking stock of this working time, I realize that most of the things I have experienced have been good and I have a lot to thank you for. Apparently, the intention of Andrea Rodríguez (producer of Hoy) is that I continue in the Hoy program and I am delighted to be there, “she accepted, the host in an interview with the magazine Who.

Although Andrea Legarreta is still comfortable and enjoying attending the Hoy program every day, despite the fact that she has done it for many years, together with Galilea Montijo and Raúl Araiza, she also wants to do other projects.

According to Andrea Legarreta herself, at this time she also has other professional plans, as she would like to be the producer of a play.

I am going to work with people who have a lot of experience and we are going to see what happens once I sign again with Televisa, which has been my home for many years. There they have given me many opportunities and I think we have taken advantage of all of them. It has always been a win-win, sometimes things settle in a certain way, but for now I have no plans to leave,” he said.

At this beginning of the end of the year 2022, Andrea Legarretaalso mentioned that this has been a great year for her, because she feels grateful to have had a job and personally, she also feels happy, because the best thing is that her daughters are well, growing healthy and doing well. What do you like the most?

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