Proud daughter records her father who works as a bottarga [Video]

Proud daughter records her father who works as a bottarga [Video]

In TikTok The case of a young woman who went to her father’s work to film him during his workdaybut what caught the attention of the users is that the man works dressed in motley and his daughter claimed to be very proud to see him. She was the one who shared this story on the web

The girl identified as Adrian Rodriguez He uploaded two videos in which he shows a little of the activities that his father does from the newspaper to take him money to his family. It was in this way that the publication generated hundreds of reactions positive, because many people agreed that she would not have to feel bad.

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The social network where this story came from is popular for having a wide variety of content, because people can also find videos funny, of movies, series, dances, social opinions, or even medical advice. However, this time the platform caught the attention of Internet users with this fact that for many was touching.

How is your job as a bootleg?

In the videos The man is seen working inside a supermarket, next to a shelf that sells different types sweets, It is in this way that he has to carry out his duties dressed in a red “pandita” gum-inspired booty.

He has to encourage to the people who pass near that shelf and to meet this goal, you must dance, so in the material appears moving to the rhythm of the music. This is done without removing no time the disguise.

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“My dad working, I feel extremely proud of him. Always doing a great job and showing that he is a Excellent dancer”, indicated the young woman in the description of the first video that she uploaded, while in the second she placed “I love you daddy”.

Although spread the material less than a week ago, you have already been able to generate 5.2 million views in which it was published first, while the second has 14.2 million, in terms of ‘likes’, the latter collected 3.8 million, as well as more than 30 thousand comments, these were some.

“Your dad is the best in that job, congratulations to his family for supporting him”, “new dream unlocked”, “when you like your job”, “I love you very much, sir, inside the gummy bag”, “I would also be proud of my dad”, “I already know what I want to work on”.

Note published in The Sun of Puebla


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