Qatar 2022: The emotional letter that Enzo Fernández dedicated to Lionel Messi when he retired from the national team in 2016

Qatar 2022: The emotional letter that Enzo Fernández dedicated to Lionel Messi when he retired from the national team in 2016


Enzo Fernández became one of Argentina’s heroes after the victory against Mexico in which he participated with an assist to Messi and converted the second goal against Guillermo Memo Ochoa. Fernández, 21 years old, is in his first World Cup, but his love for the Albiceleste team has led him to join Messi for more than 6 years.

In 2016, Lionel Messi left the Argentine team after his second loss in the Copa América final against Chile, which caused the rejection of the fans towards the Argentine star and the footballer did not want any more bad experiences.

Enzo Fernández, who in 2016 was a member of the lower categories of River Plate, wrote a heartfelt letter to Messi so that she would return to the team and wear the number 10 jersey of the two-time world champion again.

“How are we going to convince you that we could not understand that you are a human being, a person with unmatched talent, the best player on the planet but a person anyway, how are we going to convince you if we don’t stop for a second to realize that you are not responsible for the anger that losing causes us, which often has more to do with our own frustrations that are awakened, ”said Enzo Fernández in the letter he wrote in 2016 after the Copa América.

Enzo motivated Lionel Messi, who may not know these words from the 21-year-old, but from now on he is a teammate and a player who will help Lionel Messi to look for the much-awaited Cup in Qatar 2022

“Do what you want Lionel, but please think about staying. But stay for the fun, which is what these people have taken from you. In a world of ridiculous pressures, they manage to get the noblest thing out of a game. The fun. As a kid you probably dreamed of representing your country and having fun. Seeing you play with the light blue and white is the greatest pride in the world. JPlay to have fun because when you have fun, you don’t have an idea what fun we have. Thank you and Sorry ”, concludes the letter.

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