“Rabbit” Pérez says that Cruz Azul must beat América no matter what – La Opinion

“Rabbit” Pérez says that Cruz Azul must beat América no matter what – La Opinion

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With the career that precedes him and beyond the fact that his experience as a director of Cruz Azul did not turn out as he would have liked, Óscar “Rabbit” Pérez, cannot escape the adrenaline that is experienced in the surroundings of the Cruz Azul fans and establish before The opinionthat the Celeste Machine must win at any rate in the final against América, no matter the ways and methods, but simply winning.

“Here the only thing the kids have to do is win, just think about winning, there is no other way“I think they deserve to be there, but now it is a great responsibility for everyone in this match with a rival who has always been a tough opponent,” he explained.

Óscar also took advantage of the phone call from this publishing house to reject the version that is circulating on social networks and among American fans regarding because the Águilas shirt scares the Cruz Azul one.

“No, not at all, on the contrary, the team must demonstrate everything they have done in the tournament, they have had a great tournament, it is a beautiful setting. There are scores to settle with America, I believe that the motivation should be full and give the best. I think the kids are going to toast themselves and have a great game.

He even reinforced his point of view by pointing out that it is the great opportunity to pay for all the affronts they have had in recent years: “I think it is an opportunity for revenge, the opportunity to beat América. A final is one of those games that everyone would have wanted to play, I was never lucky enough to meet them in a final and today they have that opportunity, I hope they do very well.

Regarding what Cruz Azul should do or not do to get ahead of these two complicated duels at a time when the statistics favor the team led by Brazilian André Jardine: “Obviously, what they should not do is doubt, on the contrary, they should leave with the same conviction “They have come out in every game, throughout the tournament, I think that is going to help them a lot.”

At the same time he denied that Cruz Azul is the only team that has a lot to gain and nothing to lose and based his point of view on the fact that the prestige of the two teams It is not enough to speculate or play with half measures.

“Both teams have a lot to play for, one knows that it is a classic and these games have to be won yes, or yes, many times they don’t happen, many times they do, but also in some others things don’t work out for you, but you should always try to beat America. I think appearances have no place in this type of match.

A few hours ago, Rubén Omar Romano gave this newspaper a 60/40 in favor of América in his predictions. Do you see it that way with that difference?

I see above all America that is not reaching its best moment. I think Cruz Azul closes better in the tournament, despite what happened against Monterrey, we know that this is how a league is played, where América also had problems, It is true that América is a little above, but without a doubt it will be a nice game

The new face of Cruz Azul

The so-called “Rabbit” Pérez, with a great career in Cruz Azul, champion in the 1997 Winter tournament and main actor in many Young Classics against América, also agreed to talk about this new face of Cruz Azul, after that in the last tournament under his management he made his debut and farewell as sports director.

“I gave my best at Cruz Azul and I send them a big hug, they have cleaned up the group, we see a group with harmony, with unity, a happy group, I am very happy that all the pending issues that the board had with the guys have fixed them and that is reflected on the court, because they look happy, they look willing, they look in harmony and that has helped them achieve all this.

The former sports director of the Machine also firmly recognized that Cruz Azul is prohibited from losing against América: “Obviously, of course yes, it would be very hard, it would be a great failure, despite the good tournament they had, because one knows that being in Cruz Azul one has to always seek to transcend and always win as is the commitment and responsibility they have. two who arrive at Cruz Azul and those of us who were there one day.

He also recognized that the least that can be demanded of them on the field is to not give up their skin. and give one hundred percent: “Of course, more than that, I think the least they can do is give one hundred percent on the court, give their best and then the results like where you can win or you can lose, but always giving The best thing, without a doubt they have a nice challenge, a nice opportunity, but they only have to think about winning.

Whatever, but only think about winning?

That’s how it is

Even for what is legal or illegal as the Argentines say?

Whatever, they have to win however and with whatever.

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