Rail Romanesque Origin announces its arrival on Switch and PS4 with a new trailer

Rail Romanesque Origin announces its arrival on Switch and PS4 with a new trailer

Rail Romanesque Origin is an exciting release from developer and publisher Queer which is headed to consoles PlayStation 4 and Switch in Japan from December 21. This game promises to take players to a fascinating world full of railway adventures and endearing characters. In addition to remembering that his animated project is already on official platforms so you can enjoy this beautiful story.

The price of 3,800 yen ($25.94 dollars) for the physical version and 2,800 yen ($19.11 dollars) for the digital version, making it accessible to a wide audience of gamers. Plus, for true fans, there is a limited edition available for 11,800 yen ($80.54 dollars) that offers bonus content, such as a Blu-ray disc of the television anime Rail Romanesque 2 and an album in CD three-disc vocal.

This game stands out for its extensive language support, including Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, which expands its reach to a more diverse audience. So, for those who enjoy unique and exciting gaming experiences, Rail Romanesque Origin promises to be a remarkable addition to your game collection.


Rail Romanesque Origin comes as an exciting adaptation of the romantic visual novel Maitetsu: Last Run!!which originally debuted in PC in Japan the October 30, 2020. This console version brings with it a renewed experience of Maitetsuconsolidating both the content of the original game and the additions of the ports of PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Additionally, it is important to note that this edition will include sequels for each of the routes, adding an exciting element for those who have already enjoyed the game in its previous forms. This converts to Rail Romanesque Origin in a very attractive option both for fans of the original story and for those who are venturing into this captivating world for the first time on a console.

Here is a brief history of Romanesque Rail:

  • 2016Maitetsu (PC)
  • 2017 – A comic version is published in Comic Clear and published in two volumes.
  • 2018Maitetsu: Pure Station (Playstation 4)
  • 2020 – Maitetsu: Pure Station (Switch) is released, the Rail Romanesque TV anime begins airing, and Maitetsu: Last Run!! (PC) is launched
  • 2023 – Rail Romanesque 2 TV anime will begin airing in October

Rail Romanesque Origin promises an immersive experience with a plot that unfolds throughout 12 scenarios and 443 episodes. What makes this proposition even more attractive is the flexibility of its narrative structure, as each episode has been designed so that players can complete it in approximately 10 minutes.

This dynamic allows players to enjoy the story at their own pace, immersing themselves in small doses or in longer sessions depending on their preferences and schedules. So, Rail Romanesque Origin offers a captivating narrative that fits comfortably with modern life and different styles of play.



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