Rains cause evacuation of Montecito, the “home” of the Dukes of Sussex and Ellen DeGeneres

Rains cause evacuation of Montecito, the “home” of the Dukes of Sussex and Ellen DeGeneres

California has been severely affected after heavy rains and storms that have killed 14 people, as well as the evacuation of many areas, including Montecito, home to the Dukes of Susse and Ellen DeGeneres.

the famous driver Ellen DeGeneres shared a video to their social networks where the force of the current is observed, which has caused serious flooding in the town of Montecito.

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He also reminded his followers what was fair Five years ago when Landslides triggered by heavy rainfall left 23 dead in the city and now again history seems to be repeating itself

“It’s crazy that on our fifth anniversary we get unprecedented rainfall. The creek by our house never flows like this.

“We have to be kinder to mother nature, because mother nature is not happy with us… Stay safe everyone,” he said on the recording.

What celebrities have been evacuated by rains in California?

In addition to the driver Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have also been affected due to heavy rains and They have had to be evacuated.

It was the Montecito emergency authorities who made the decision to evacuate the area, which It is located 90 minutes from Los Angeles.

“LEAVE NOW! This is a rapidly evolving situation. Please pay close attention to emergency alerts,” the fire department said on its website.

Other celebrities living in the area include Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, Larry David and Rob Lowe, who also they had to abide by the order to evacuate.

And it is that the Montecito area is vulnerable to landslides because it is at the foot of a mountain range, which makes it more dangerous in the face of this type of meteorological phenomena, where there is one that stands out in particular and is known as a cyclone bomb.

In addition, the police set up barricades to prevent access to the city, where several roads were completely flooded, an AFP journalist noted.

Which is a cyclone bomb?

A bomb cyclone is the term used when a storm that it strengthens rapidly, increasing its severity, which endangers the population.

Generally, the storm ends up gaining strength in a 24 hour period.

The term bomb cyclonica was born from a meteorological research article published in 1980 by the magazine Monthly Weather Review.

Its authors, MIT meteorologists Fred Sanders and John Gyakum, sThey were based on the work of Swedish meteorology researcher Tor Bergeron, who initially defined “rapid deepening” storms.

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Sanders and Gyakum were the ones to add the term “bomb” because of the explosive power these storms derive from rapid pressure drops.

With information from AFP

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