Randy Arozarena hits and falls on a Mexican fan after a failed attempt to catch a movie (Video)

Randy Arozarena hits and falls on a Mexican fan after a failed attempt to catch a movie (Video)

Randy Arozarena in a Tampa Bay Rays uniform.

Randy Arozarena in a Tampa Bay Rays uniform.

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Randy Arozarena unsuccessfully attempted a magical move that saw him fall against the stadium wall and set off the alarms of the fans Tampa Bay Rays, he was also hit by a fan of the Mexican Baseball Team and it all ended in a simple anecdote.

Despite the spectacular fall of Arozarena, luckily no damage was reported to be regretted and it was just an unfortunate episode for the player who represented Mexico in the World Baseball Classic and once again demonstrated his commitment to the game.

The intensity of Randy Arozarena

Despite Arozarena failed to complete the play, he ran into a Mexican fan who was behind the play and he could be seen wearing a national team cap in the stands. The Cuban was quickly helped by security after the incident and stood up despite the team’s nerves due to the blow.

Arozarena showed his competitive spirit after attempting the aforementioned play in the Rays’ 0-7 loss against the San Francisco Giantsdespite not achieving the objective, it is shown that he plays baseball with great adrenaline and always at the top of each play.

Randy Arozarena against the fence while attempting a play against the Giants (Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Compliments to Randy Arozarena

Some of the companions of the Cuban-Mexican expressed their admiration for the player and his decision to fight each play inside the diamond. “He decided to make the play, and that’s what I like about how he plays. He decides quickly and goes for hersaid the Dominican Jose Siri in support of Randy Arozarena.

The Tampa Bay Rays had a promising start to this MLB season, however they have faded and are now second in their division, but still with very real options. To this day they have a record of 73 wins and 50 losses and are second in their division to two games behind the Baltimore Orioles.

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