Raúl González decided to eliminate his expression lines at 53 years old and showed the treatment – El Diario NY

Raúl González decided to eliminate his expression lines at 53 years old and showed the treatment – El Diario NY

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Raúl González shared a video on his Instagram profile where he was seen in a dermatological treatment room, while explaining that he was performing a facial rejuvenation procedure and shows when he is being injected. He explained that what was done is very effective for improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles and expression linesand stimulate collagen production.

The host also highlighted the importance of taking care of the skin and maintaining a facial care routine, including daily application of sunscreen and proper cleansing. In addition, he took the opportunity to remind his followers the importance of consulting with dermatologist professionals to receive the appropriate treatment for each person.

“And well… here I am. At @vittomdplasticsurgery with @vitto.md @dr.vitto because I want to look much better. I have known them personally, as the beautiful family they are, for a long time, but I had never experienced the quality, the professionalism, the attention, the dedication of everyone in the clinic. Wow EXCELLENT. I recommend it with my eyes closed. The maximum. Thanks for everything. “You know that I love you, including the matriarch of the family,” was the message that accompanied the audiovisual.

“An excellent human being and one of the best talents today in Spanish-speaking theater and television in the United States 🇺🇸 🇻🇪 @raultvgonzalez. For us it is an honor and a pleasure to always be able to serve you with great affection. This is your clinic! VITTOMD,” the doctor wrote in the publication made by the Venezuelan.

We are going to do radiofrequency therapy to treat your collagen, your elastin, to try to get all those stem cells out. inside you to reactivate your skin and I am going to help you raise the jaw a little and also work with biomodulators so that it gives you a lifting effect,” explained her doctor.

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