Raúl González remembers that he arrived in the US 30 years ago and reveals the first job he had – El Diario NY

Raúl González remembers that he arrived in the US 30 years ago and reveals the first job he had – El Diario NY

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Venezuelan Raúl González found it necessary to find a job quickly to be able to pay his expenses and afford his life in a country different from his own after arriving in the United States. That’s when he decided to apply to work at a local pizzeria.

“Today marks 30 years since I arrived in the United States, a country that has given me countless opportunities for growth, change and evolution. Here I have experienced triumphs and failures, I have learned valuable lessons and I have grown as a person and as a professional. I thank this country for opening its doors to me and allowing me to dream big. Here at my first job! Pizza delivery. May 1994“he wrote on Instagram.

Although his job as a pizza deliveryman was not glamorous, Raúl always strived to do his best and took his job seriously. Furthermore, he worked there for several months until he was finally able to find opportunities in the world of entertainment, his true passion.

“Every time I see it I connect with the courage that is in me and with the dreamer that I am. Many more years of learning and growth to come! One day at a time. Nobody said it was easy. Thank you, God,” he added in the shared publication.

Today, Raúl González is one of the most recognized faces on Hispanic television in the United States, and his hard work and dedication over the years have allowed him to achieve the success he currently enjoys. Despite having left his job as a pizza delivery driver behind, he never forgets his humble beginnings and is always grateful for the opportunities that life has given him.

Fans send messages to Raúl González

“What would you say to that young man from yesterday?”, “Brother, you are a great example of a good Venezuelan, who works, gives his all, is constant, persevering and a fighter”, “Venezuelan blood, tireless warrior of all your times and what is missing”, “Example to follow. You are worthy of admiration, Raúl! Bravo for your successes”, “You are an inspiration for many”, “For that and many more reasons, I do not hesitate to affirm that you are an example for many”, were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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