Raúl González revealed the first job he had when he arrived in the US: “I had to sleep 28 days in a car” – El Diario NY

Raúl González revealed the first job he had when he arrived in the US: “I had to sleep 28 days in a car” – El Diario NY


The television host Raúl González last Monday in ‘Despierta América’ showed a special job that he did with the production team, because revealed the first work he did after his arrival in the United States on April 3, 1994, and it is that his whole story began in a pizzeria as a delivery man, but without losing focus on what he wanted to achieve.

“How it all began in this country and it was impressive for me to get to that place after twenty-something yearsincredible and I apologize in advance because what I did was… imagine”, he began by telling Karla Martínez in one of the Univision studios.

The presenter explained the schedule that he kept for some time: “This server came from being an ‘artist’ in his native Venezuela, but here he arrived every day at 8 in the morning and left at 9 at night, always having very clear what my dream was and what my focus was. Here I spoke many times with God asking him for the opportunity of the American dream”.

González took the opportunity to add that he experienced a somewhat complex situation, a fact that led him to rest for a while in his car: “The vast majority of the people who work here went home, I had to sleep 28 days in a car 1982 Ford that cost me $500 at the time.”

Internet users did not take long to demonstrate for the content offered, as many expressed that they felt identified with what he experienced. In addition, he became a source of example and inspiration.

“What a beautiful story @raultvgonzalez and how it represents all of us who We have arrived with the American dream and gone through those moments”, “A beautiful story of overcoming”, “What a tender story and an example of perseverance and discipline”, “Congratulations on your achievement!! And for having fought for your dreams! You are a humble person with a good heart and I hope you last in Despierta América”, “Almost all of us have to live those experiences when we arrive in this great country”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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