RBD, fractured: what we know about the alleged fraud on the Soy Rebelde tour

RBD, fractured: what we know about the alleged fraud on the Soy Rebelde tour

The return of RBD with the “I am Rebelde Tour” It has not been the best experience for Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Christopher Uckerman and Maite Perronias they could have been victims of fraud by their former representative, Guillermo Rosas.

At the beginning of 2024, Maite Perroni She announced during an interview with the media that intercepted her at the Mexico City airport that Rosas was no longer part of the RBD team, although she did not confirm that there was a case against him.

However, rumors about an alleged fraud by Guillermo Rosas They were already gaining strength among the band’s group of fans, due to the abrupt way in which the representative stopped publishing topics related to the tour on his social networks.

Dulce María assures that RBD is on pause due to an audit

Recently, Sweet Maria confirmed that although there is no legal process against Guillermo Rosas, an audit of the tour is being carried out “I am Rebelde Tour”.

“It is difficult, disappointing and very painful everything that is being experienced and not being able to go out and tell them everything that I would like to talk about, because it is something delicate, we are not in demand, or anything like that, until now, simply, like any company where irregularities were seen, we are in audits,” he said Sweet Maria to the press during an event.

The actress also assured that it was not gossip, although she could not give more information about the process they are in.

“Irregularities have already emerged from the first audit, it is not gossip, but we cannot say, it is not my responsibility to give more information. Discovering this situation has brought a feeling of disappointment to several members,” he added.

Dulce María also hinted that the plans for RBD They will no longer continue due to the situation.

“It is something very sad, of course it does break our hearts, because we had so many plans to continue with the tour and we are in a difficult moment,” he concluded.

Anahí, Dulce María and Cristopher hint at each other online

Anahí, Dulce María and Cristopher hints were made on social networks, after the “Sálvame” singer sent a birthday greeting to Guillermo Rosas despite rumors that involve him with fraud.

“In my life book there is no room for resentment. I keep happy memories and quickly forget those that could have hurt. Life is so short, we are just passing through. A free heart does not carry luggage. Happy birthday. I wish you peace, love and health always, Guillermo Rosas,” Anahí wrote.

Given such publication, Dulce María and Christopher Uckermann They reacted on their social networks to Anahí’s publication, although they did not tag her precisely, both posts talked about loyalty.

“Respect for yourself has to be stronger than your feelings,” said Christopher Uckerman in a short message on his Instagram account. instagram.

For her part, Dulce María made a publication where she reproached the treason and the lie.

“Maturity is when you realize that people can’t give you what they can’t give themselves, so you stop expecting loyalty from people who betray themselves, you stop expecting honesty from people who lie to themselves and you stop expecting peace from people who are in war with herself,” she said.

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