RBD producer responds to criticism from Sergio Mayer Mori, star of ‘Rebelde’ on Netflix

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Sergio Mayer Mori is one of the protagonists of the rehash of “Rebel”That Netflix has just released. The son of Barbara Mori Y Sergio mayer He was a critic of the group’s music RBD that came off the Televisa soap opera.

For Sergio, having to record new versions of RBD songs was not to his liking but he did it because it was his job. Now the music producer Carlos Lara respond to those criticisms.

“They have insisted on asking me if I am not ‘offended’ by the opinion that an actor named Sergio Mayer Mori has about the music that RBD plays,” Lara posted on Facebook. “For those who do not know, this boy is part of the cast of a new series on Netflix based precisely on the phenomenon that was Rebelde.”

Lara continued, “The answer is no. It does not offend me in the least and furthermore, I celebrate your honesty. Whether we like it or not, RBD is already part of the history of Pop music and personally, I feel very proud and grateful to have been part of those who helped create the phenomenon. The rest is subjective. I will have to comment on the musical work of Mr. Mori to whom I wish at least one percent of the success that RBD had ”.

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