RBD shared a map with red dots in some countries and they could be the ones they will visit on their tour

RBD shared a map with red dots in some countries and they could be the ones they will visit on their tour

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The RBD group since last December has kept its fans waiting from the moment when five of its members decided to archive their publications and all put the same video, as well as the same thing happened with the profile photo. from the camera’s social network.

December 19 was the launch of the audiovisual that brought back memories to many of those who, in the midst of so many years that have passed, are still attentive to what they can announce through their social networks.

However, it will not be until on January 19 when they offer more details about the tour that they will be doing during the year. In addition, Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Herrera explained that this time he will not be able to be part of this return that they have scheduled for 2023, because he has some commitments to fulfill.

“Calling all fans! We have an appointment this January 19. Stay tuned to our social networks and the site soyrebelde.world“Was the message that accompanied the image that has caused a stir among Internet users.

“My calendar says that today is January 19. TELL US EVERYTHING”, “And what are we Colombians? Children of less mother? Try to put the red dot in Colombia or I don’t expect anything’”, “How are they not going to come to Ecuador?”, “Colombia was their first concert outside of Mexico, ungrateful, don’t do this to us”, “And Spain? Slovenia? Serbian? Romania? In Europe we are also ready. We want at least one red dot”, “Here I am waiting for the long-awaited announcement, asking God to bring them to Venezuela, God willing”, were some of the expressions that were recorded.

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