Real?  Beyoncé raises rumors that she is preparing a movie

Real? Beyoncé raises rumors that she is preparing a movie


Beyoncé raises rumors of preparing a movie Real? (Instagram: @beyonce)

Beyoncé raises rumors of preparing a movie Real? | Instagram: @beyonce

Beyoncé’s absence on social media and her fans’ despair over the lack of a visual album for ‘Renaissance’ has caused any activity around the artist to raise suspicions of her future projects, the latest being the start of a alleged world tour of which there is almost no information.

Well now, after a publication made by a production company that collaborated on Queen Bey’s seventh studio album, a wave of theories has been unleashed that suggests that she could be preparing a film in compensation for the unfinished music videos that she has presented so far.

And it is that since the last release he made Beyonce with the famous jewelry house Tiffany left more dissatisfaction in his community, this because the video barely reached a minute in length, this being the longest of all, since the others barely have less than 50 seconds.

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But where did the theory of the alleged movie come from? It was after a famous artist from the city of Los Angeles posted on her Instagram profile a bouquet of flowers that the singer would have given her, being the message in the note of the bouquet the one that would unleash the minds of the fans.

Beyoncé raises rumors of preparing a movie Real?. Source: Instagram

The producer named Syd was publishing a video clip in the stories section of the little camera’s social network in which the note that says the following is clearly seen:

Thank you for contributing so much to the film. I’m looking at the material and you’re amazing. I will always be grateful”

This was of special interest not only because it was explicitly talked about a movie, but also because the artist is in the credits of one of Beyoncé’s songs in the role of writer and producer of the song ‘Plastic off the sofa’, this being the main indicator that something big would be happening around the album.

And it is that between both celebrities there is a very good relationship, since Syd is not the first time that she talks about how excited she feels to be working side by side with the “Queen of R&B”, because a few months ago she declared: “It’s The first time I’ve ever gotten credit for producing someone else besides myself.”

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