Rebecca Jones returns to the networks after her hospitalization and moves with a message for her son

Rebecca Jones returns to the networks after her hospitalization and moves with a message for her son


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A few weeks ago, the health of Rebecca Jones alerted the public, after reporting serious and in intensive care.

The only details that were known were that the 65-year-old actress was admitted to the Hospital ABC de Observatorio in Mexico City and that urgently requested blood donors.

Shortly after, it was confirmed that Rebecca was hospitalized after present “a pulmonary deficiency and a pneumonia derived from an infection”according to his manager, Danna Vázquez.

“Last night for the last time, the doctor told us that Rebecca is reacting very well, that the situation is very favorable and that she is stable. She hasn’t gotten worse. It hasn’t happened anymore. She is fighting. He told me that if she continues like this, surely next week they will see her on the forums. Has had good progress”, he commented to the media.

Now, things seem to be going well for the famous and In the midst of her strong health problems, Rebecca Jones decided to return to the networks to make a demonstration of love for her son Maximiliano Camacho, the result of her relationship with Alejandro Camacho, with whom she was married for 26 years.

The actress resumed her Instagram account and published a video in which Maximiliano is seen traveling in Paris posing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower wearing a red beanie, sunglasses and a dark coat.

Jones did not share any text to describe his post, but the song “Love of my life” by Queenplays in the background to make it clear that your child is the most important person in your life.

His colleagues in the middle and his followers, meanwhile, have taken the opportunity to write that they are happy that his health has improved.

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