Reconciliation?  Joana Sanz shares photo holding hands with Dani Alves after her release from prison – La Opinion

Reconciliation? Joana Sanz shares photo holding hands with Dani Alves after her release from prison – La Opinion

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Just a few days after his release from prison Daniel Alves, Joana Sanzhis still wife, but who said that she had broken off her romantic relationship with the footballer a few months ago, He published an image in which he is seen holding the hand of the former player of FC Barcelona.

Through Instagram the model announced the breakup last year, but she also used the same medium to share the photo that sparked rumors of a reconciliation, although so far it is unknown how things are between the two, since after announcing separation, Sanz accompanied him during the days of trial, in which he even testified as a witness; Right there he reported that they have not signed the divorce, so legally they are still married.

The photo that has already gone around the world came from Joana Sanz’s official account, through an Instagram story, in which you can see their hands intertwining their fingers.

The model usually accompanies her images with phrases to give some context, but on this occasion she did not write anything about the topic, leaving the current sentimental situation of both to the imagination.

Dani Alves’ conditional release

The former soccer player for teams such as Juventus, Sevilla, UNAM Pumas and the Brazilian national team He was accused of rape in Barcelona in December 2022days after He went to the city to presume his innocence and was arrested due to the seriousness of the crime of which he was accused and a high risk of flight. He was later brought to trial and In March 2023, he was granted provisional release while it is decided whether the sentence assigned to him of 4 and a half years in prison is ratified or modified.

After paying a bail of more than a million dollars, Alves He was able to leave prison, although he is prohibited from leaving the country and must appear in court to sign once a weekamong other conditions that must be met to continue enjoying his conditional freedom.

A few days after leaving Brians 2 prison, where he was imprisoned for 14 months, The former defender offered a party with select guestsamong family and friends (still anonymous), on the occasion of his father’s birthday.

It is unknown if Joana Sanz came that same day or shortly after to visit the former player in Barcelona and capture the image.

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