Reconstruction of the Baltimore bridge “will not be quick, easy, or cheap,” say authorities – La Opinion

Reconstruction of the Baltimore bridge “will not be quick, easy, or cheap,” say authorities – La Opinion

US authorities acknowledged that rebuilding the Baltimore bridge that collapsed early Tuesday morning after a freighter crashed will not be “neither quick, nor easy, nor cheap” and stated that the top priority is to reopen river traffic.

We still do not fully know the condition of the bridge parts that are still standing or have infrastructure below the water surface, so reconstruction It won’t be quick, easy or cheap.but we will achieve it,” said the US Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, in a press conference.

The official appeared, accompanied by Vice Admiral Peter Gautier, deputy commander of operations of the United States Coast Guard, at the White House, after meeting with President Joe Biden, who made it clear that “This entire administration will provide support in all aspects to the recovery and reconstruction process.“, he claimed.

The Department of Transportation, he said, has four priorities: reopen the port, deal with disruptions in the supply chain until the port reopens, rebuild the bridge and deal with the implications for land transportation until it is rebuilt.

Rebuilding the Baltimore bridge “will not be quick, easy, or cheap”"authorities point out
Authorities seek to rebuild the collapsed Baltimore bridge.
Credit: Matt Rourke | AP

To this end, he explained, the Coast Guard, in coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers, will meet to clean the channel and reopen it so that the port can fully function again.

We are concerned about the local economic impact with about 8,000 direct jobs associated with port activities and we are concerned about the implications that will extend beyond the region,” he stated.

The port of Baltimore, he recalled, “is an important port for both imports and exports” and is the largest vehicle handling port in the United States.

The container ship “Dali” hit the Francis Scott Key bridge around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, causing the collapse of much of the infrastructure in a few seconds.

At least 6 employees of a company that was carrying out repair work on the bridge have lost their lives, all of them of Latin American origin, while efforts continue to rescue the bodies.

The causes of the incident are being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), an organization independent of the United States Government that is dedicated to accident investigation.

What has become clear is that “a bridge like this, completed in the 1970s, It simply wasn’t made to withstand a direct impact on a critical support spring. of a ship that weighs around 200 million pounds, an amount far greater than “the cargo ships that were in service” when the bridge was built, the secretary said.

Gautier explained for his part that “the President’s direction is to put the port into operation as soon as possible” and that therefore “the Coast Guard’s top priority now is to restore the waterway for maritime transportation” and to be able to remove the remains of the ship.

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