Remember some spaces in the home of the journalist Teresa Rodríguez

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A few days ago the Univisión network announced that the journalist Teresa Rodríguez would leave the news program “Here and Now” to carry out a new project.

During the first year of the covid-19 pandemic Teresa Rodríguez shared several images of her home in Miami on her social networks, Florida, which has been growing over the years thanks to his renowned journalistic work.

In the photos and videos shared on their networks you could see how he had transformed every space in his home into a recording set to remain active in informing her audience in such difficult times.

Rodríguez’s good taste was evident, since what he shows is really beautiful and it is clear that he lives with many comforts.

Among the decoration of your living room you have one of the 15 Emmy Awards he has been awarded. You can also see that it combines antique furniture with some more modern ones.

In other interviews with Rodríguez, it has been possible to appreciate its spacious patio, ideal for spending sunny afternoons enjoying the pool and green areas.

In addition to the pool, the patio stands out for the collection of plants that the presenter has.

According to the statement released by Univisión, Rodríguez will lead a new program which they will be reporting on in the coming days.

What is known so far is that it will be focused on highlighting the remarkable and positive work of Hispanics.

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