Richie O’Farrill thanks his girlfriend for giving him a second chance after crisis

Richie O’Farrill thanks his girlfriend for giving him a second chance after crisis

He Mexican comedian, Richie O’Farrillpublished on his account instagram a message full of love and gratitude for your partner, after months of going through a crisis for the consumption of substances.

O’Farrill accompanied the publication with a Photography where he boasted of his courtship with Christy Alfaro and recognized the patience and the support that the young woman has given him.

“Companion of foods and adventures, friendguide, my second psychologist, teacher of life, the designer most passionate person I know, a beautiful generous and honest human being but above all a great inspiration,” said Richie.

The famous man did not stop praising his bride and he stressed how important it was for him to have given him a second opportunityin the hard moments he went through during his process of rehabilitation.

“I offer you my heartmy job and my sobriety. Thank you for giving me the only thing that rehabilitated people ask for: a second chance. And boy, it was still a mess when you gave it to me. “I love you,” he added. standupero.

“Being reborn like the phoenix every time we fall, that’s what life is all about.” life”. “We all deserve a person who stays by our side when we need it most, and then we can give them what they deserve: Our best version. Tqm. How good to see yourself well next to someone who shows you everything he feels.” “It’s what you deserve Richie…up with him.” love nice”, wrote some of the followers of Richie O’Farrill in the publication.

Richie O’Farrill reveals what triggered his manic depressive crisis

At the beginning of 2023, Richie O’Farrill went through an episode of drepression which led him to confront a group of comedians who were also his friends and ranted against them on social networks, a moment that went viral.

During an interview with Yordi Rosado Last November, the comedian announced that he lived a manic depressive outbreakwhich was triggered by several factors such as the consumption of venlafaxinea medical medication that was prescribed by his former psychiatrist and that, in the case of being bipolartaking this medication can trigger this type of episode.

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“What they told me that triggered my manic-depressive outbreak was the use of venlafaxine, a medication prescribed by my former psychiatrist. If you are bipolar and are prone to an outbreak, venlafaxine triggers it. I didn’t know, nor did my poor ex-psychiatrist. Ando I’m bipolar and I didn’t know it back then. Sporadic consumption of mushrooms, consumption of dope and just this depressionwhich I had been carrying for years… those were the factors that added up and caused my manic depressive outbreak,” O’Farril explained.

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