Rihanna poses her interiors from the bed and in heels

Rihanna poses her interiors from the bed and in heels

Rihanna poses her interiors from the bed and in heels (Twitter)

Rihanna poses her interiors from the bed and in heels | Twitter

Tremendous photo that circulates on social networks of the famous singer Rihanna, with whom she has dazzled with its great beauty and huge attributes, then, the interpreter of “Umbrella” was seen sitting on her bed, using high heel shoes and a coordinated of two small garments interiors.

The date is getting closer to see again Rihanna singing and dancing on a stage, well, it will be in the show from half time super bowl 2023, where Rihanna demonstrates her musical talent again, after seven years of absence.

For that reason, there are hundreds of Photos those that circulate in various Instagram accounts and on this occasion this image has attracted a lot of attention in which we see a very funny and playful Rihannausing heels and just two mini garments on her bedwith which he shows that the singer has great attributes.

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Rihanna has always been the most striking model of her own clothing collection that she has for sale with her Savage X Fenty brand, so this was no exception and to convince women who follow in her footsteps, she herself She models the mini garments to convince them that her line offers them to look just as radiant.

With a big smile, her hair loose and combed in waves, discreet and natural makeup and long nails, Rihanna appears dressed in these two purple garments, highlighting that the upper part shows the great physical qualities that the singer possesses.

For some years, the image of that young woman who appeared singing in the rain and with an umbrella with her first song; “Umbrella” has been transforming and it is striking that she, from being a very thin young woman, is now an exuberant woman, with large and notorious physical attractions, which she loves to show off.

Rihanna has become a symbol for millions of women around the world who have followed her since 2005, when she became known with her hit song. Today, at 34 years of age, not only is she still the singer that many love, but she has also become an entrepreneur and business woman.

Rihannawill surely continue to captivate her audience with this type of photography with which the singer makes it clear that these are the new times for women, since she herself invites them to look attractive and suggestive with the mini models of lingerie clothing that her brand.

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