Rodner Figueroa assures that he does not feel like “socializing” after an unfortunate game

Rodner Figueroa assures that he does not feel like “socializing” after an unfortunate game

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Host Rodner Figueroa went viral a few weeks ago after leaving the Telemundo channel. Nevertheless, in a quite optimistic way he wanted to show himself before the situation that appeared at that time, although there are other circumstances that have been visibly affecting it.

A few days ago, through his official Facebook account, he shared a video showing himself crying, while explaining that his pet “was found a tumor in the front part of the brain. This is the moment I feared the most“. Therefore, he would have to make the decision to let him live or end Napoleon’s suffering so that he would not continue suffering.

In turn, he recently shared a video on the same platform and mentioned that he had told his partner that he did not want to be in a place with many people and also had to be sociable, a fact that led him to stay at home.

“Today I had an invitation to Dolce & Gabbana and I told Ernesto ‘I don’t have the slightest desire to go anywhere, I don’t feel like socializing‘. I know that I have to have the strength to reactivate and distract myself, but I think it is important to live the mourning, the pain, the emptiness, ”he explained.

The Venezuelan took advantage of the time to mention to his followers that with his pet he lived unforgettable moments, while knowing that he will never meet another like Napoleon, a fact that would have affected him much more.

For me it has been a huge void. I know that there will not be another puppy like Napoleon, and that is what kills me, his face, his look, his way of being, we were together a long time, we shared too many things together, important moments in my life, good and bad He was there with me,” he said.

Before finishing, he sent a message to his fans, at which time he wanted to thank them for all the hopeful messages they have sent him in such a complex situation for him.

“We thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I won’t have my life left to thank you all how good they have not made me feel, knowing that we have been covered with their love and that they are a family to me, an extended family, “he added.

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