Rodrigo Romeh reveals whether or not he would forgive Lupillo Rivera after their differences: “What is broken is broken” – El Diario NY

Rodrigo Romeh reveals whether or not he would forgive Lupillo Rivera after their differences: “What is broken is broken” – El Diario NY

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During his time in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, Rodrigo Romeh had the opportunity to learn a lot about himself, his colleagues and the public that followed him. Despite the conflicts and difficult moments he faced, the coach feels grateful for the experience and for the support he received from his fans. Furthermore, let us remember that Things between him and Lupillo Rivera did not turn out in the best way and He clarified whether he plans to leave things like this or not.

“I do not detract from Lupillo’s work, on the contrary, I praise what Team Tierra did on this side. Without being egocentric or anything, I think we did a good job. It was built with hard work, dedication and discipline and that is why it was the result”he said exclusively for ‘People en Español’.

Regarding the deal with the singer he added that: “Yes there was affection at the beginning. Too bad it all comes down to this. But, for example, we had very nice learning experiences with each other. I just saw, for example, that He reconciles with his mother and he thanked both Clovis and me for that. because we have that lack of our mother. Like it was a give and give. So I think there are also positive things that we leave behind and add to. “Not just the black dot that is all over the white sheet,” she added during the conversation.

“The truth I don’t think there is any turning back. There is respect. What I consider is that I gave my heart, then I forgave, then I gave a second chance and if that second chance was not taken advantage of, I made an effort to have it. And if it is not valued, I also consider that it is okay, that is, I am not going to force life to do things in a certain way. I accept it and now I learn. So I left it, I turned over a new leaf. Since I forgave, I forgive; but I don’t think there is anything beyond. “What is broken is broken”he added to the aforementioned magazine.

Now that he’s back to reality, Rodrigo is excited for what the future holds. He has job offers and is eager to move forward with his artistic career. Although the competition was tough and challenging, he knows that He came out stronger and more prepared for what is to come.

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