Rolly Romero changes his tone and promises to return after being knocked out by Pitbull Cruz – La Opinion

Rolly Romero changes his tone and promises to return after being knocked out by Pitbull Cruz – La Opinion

Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero He changed his tone and promised to return. after Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz knocked him out in the eighth round of the fight to snatch the World Boxing Association (WBA) super lightweight title at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last Saturday.

In statements after his defeat, Rolly Romero thanked Pitbull Cruz because they gave a good show to the public present in the arena, although he regretted not being able to successfully defend the 140-pound belt.

“We gave the people a great fight. Unfortunately, we were unable to achieve our goal. I want to thank Pitbull Cruz and all those who came to make this a great event. I’ll be back“said the now former world champion.

0133 Rolando Romero vs Isaac Cruz 1
Pitbull Cruz demonstrated his superiority against Rolly Romero and took the WBA title from him. Photo Courtesy: Esther Lin/Premier Boxing Champions.

After enduring Rolly Romero’s trash talk promoting the fight, Pitbull Cruz He dominated the American from start to finish and shut his mouth as he promised before the fight. The former 140-pound champion could not at any time counteract the power of the Mexican and from the beginning he was hurt with strong blows, but he was able to survive on several occasions until the eighth when the referee stopped the fight after a shower of fists.

“I was prepared for this. He wasn’t just here to fight. I was here to finish him off… I spoke right here in the ring. And I did this not only for myself, but for everyone here at T-Mobile Arena. There will be a Mexican champion at 140 pounds for a long time,” said Pitbull Cruz after his victory.

The Mexican’s victory pleased many fans who had criticized the way Rolly Romero obtained the WBA title. Let us remember that Referee Tony Weeks controversially stopped the American’s fight with Ismael Barroso, who was winning on the judges’ cards. Now the Venezuelan is the organization’s interim champion at 140 pounds and possibly wants to face him again to show that he should be the one to be crowned absolute monarch on that occasion.

0113 Rolando Romero vs Isaac Cruz 2
Rolly Romero was widely surpassed by Pitbull Cruz at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Photo Courtesy: Esther Lin/Premier Boxing Champions.

Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero, 27, became the WBA super lightweight champion after his controversial victory over Venezuelan Ismael Barroso, who is now interim champion of the division. The American has a record of 15 wins (12 by fast track) and two losses.

For his part, Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, 24, achieved an important victory against Rolly Romero and He is now the new holder of the WBA world title at 140 pounds in his debut in the category. The Mexican boxer has a professional record of 26 victories (18 of them by fast track), two losses and one draw.

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