Romeo Santos is out of danger, the interpreter of “She and I” denies cardiac arrest – El Diario NY

Romeo Santos is out of danger, the interpreter of “She and I” denies cardiac arrest – El Diario NY

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Romeo Santos is well and enjoys very good health. The famous bachatero has had to come out to talk about his good health due to the strong rumor that flooded social networks this weekend, where it was claimed that he had suffered cardiac arrest.

The interpreter of “She and I” used his Twitter account -X- to clarify the rumors and did so by issuing the following message: “You do not have the power, much less the wisdom, to hurt me. If they think they are going to return the tour tickets because of this false news, then they are even more rude than I thought. If you continue thinking so much about how to destroy me, I might give you guys a heart attack. May God rebuke them.”

It is worth adding that the artist’s public was really concerned about his health, visiting his social networks asking how much truth there was behind the rumor that indicated his supposed cardiac arrest, and they also affirm that the medical condition of the interpreter of “Noche de sex” was delicate.

The concern of some erupted into real annoyance and complaints towards the team that works with the singer, because the hours passed and no one confirmed or denied the news, not even the media had information, you will see, on his Instagram account, for example. , comments like: “I think they should come out and say if he is okay, because many fans are worried, I hope to God that he is okay and that this only remains a scare for those of us who love him.“.

All this was what motivated the singer the most to break the silence around his health, as we mentioned at the beginning of this note.

On the other hand, and adding to the good news of his health, we also have that the Aventura tour, “Cerrando Ciclos” is a fact. And Romeo Santo will also be part of it. Which means that the fans of this group that was born in 1993 will once again sing songs that made them popular throughout Latin America, such as “Obsesión”, a song that opened the doors to the international market.

“Adventure” tour dates

Below we share some of the new dates confirmed by “Aventura” for their “Cerrando Ciclos” tour:

  • May 07 Ontario
  • July 06 Boston
  • July 08 Indianapolis
  • July 10 Denver
  • July 13 Chicago
  • July 17 Seattle
  • July 18 Portland
  • July 20 Salt Lake City
  • July 23 Oakland
  • July 26 Anaheim CA
  • July 27 Las Vegas
  • July 29 Phoenix
  • July 30 El Paso
  • Aug 01 Oklahoma
  • Aug 03 Hidalgo

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