Romina, daughter of Niurka Marcos, causes a stir by dancing during her trip to the beach with a yellow string bikini

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Romina Marcos She sent a strong message to those who criticize her on social networks, but she was surprised not only by her words, but also because decided to respond while dancing from the beach in a seductive string swimsuit who exposed her infarct curves.

Although a few weeks ago he was the target of strong criticism for sending his powerful messages of self-love with very little clothing, the daughter of Niurka Marcos He has given something to talk about again, because from his vacation on the beaches of Oaxaca he again shared a video with which he responded to his detractors.

On this occasion, she turned to her TikTok account to share a video in which she referred to those who constantly make fun of her. Therefore, by making a parody aimed at her detractors, she made it clear that she does not give importance to negative comments and less to the people who spoke about her body and have criticized her.

The video that was taken up on Instagram was accompanied by the phrase: “Every time I care less what they say and I care more about myself“, also served to ensure that with each passing day she loves and accepts every part of her body with all its imperfections.

But that was not all, since it also caused a stir with another recording in which again squandered beauty and sensuality with the same yellow string swimsuitwith which he danced in front of the camera the song “Caraluna” by the Latin pop band Bacilos.

While, shortly before, she showed off her ability to dance with another tiny violet bikini that ended up falling in love with her millions of fans who not only admire her talent as an actress and singer, but have also seen in her a true model of inspiration and self-love. .

It should be noted that in addition to showing off her statuesque silhouette while dancing, Romina took advantage of her trip to the beaches of Zipolite, Oaxaca, in Mexico, to sunbathe with her controversial mother, Niurka Marcos, with whom she took off her bikini to show herself naked before her millions of social media fans.

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