Ryan García plans to create his own boxing league if he is banned for life after testing positive for Ostarina – La Opinion

Ryan García plans to create his own boxing league if he is banned for life after testing positive for Ostarina – La Opinion

Ryan García has planned create his own boxing league if he is banned from the sport for life if the positive for Ostarine, a performance-enhancing substance (PED), is confirmed, a day before and during the fight where he defeated Devin Haney in April.

In an interview with Boxing Social, García expressed that He doesn’t care if he is banned from fighting professionally. and assured that he will find a way to have his own boxing matches to stay active.

“I don’t care if they ban me my whole life because I just I’m going to create my own fights and my own leagues. “I’m not going to leave boxing, I’m going to leave this boxing, I’m going to create my own league and I’m going to fight on my own show,” he said.

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Ryan Garcia tested positive for Ostarine at the weigh-in and on the day of his fight with Devin Haney in April. Photo Courtesy: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

Since the fight between Haney and King Ry was announced, everything was very controversial. The Californian He had erratic behavior in press conferences and on social networks where he admitted that he smoked marijuana and drank alcohol. Everyone thought that King Ry’s mental health was bad, but everything was planned and The Dream fell into his rival’s game. Now a new controversy is added to this soap opera after the Californian tested positive for doping.

In addition to drugs and drink, García tested positive for Ostarine the day before and after the fight against Devin Haney, according to a letter sent to the parties involved by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) and to which ESPN had access. 19-Norandrosterone was also detected, but it was already confirmed that this substance was not present in the sample.

After hearing the news, the 140-pound champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC) He made it clear that he will not give the Californian a revenge and requested the New York State Athletic Commission to be disqualified from the fight and the result be changed to a victory.

I mentally abused him so much that he will never want to fight again. No (he agrees with Haney’s request), I have fought guys who take steroids and I don’t care. Do steroids help you avoid a hook? They hit him with the same hook about thirty times. Do you think steroids help me? No, it is not like that,” she added.

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Devin Haney now wants the result of the fight to be changed and given the victory. Photo Courtesy: Cris Esqueda/Golden Boy Promotions.

According to King Ry’s lawyer, Darín Chávez, Sample B will be analyzed on Wednesday, May 22 and assured that the substance found would not have had any benefit in improving performance on the night of the fight.

Ryan Garcia, 24, He debuted successfully in the new category after knocking out Óscar Duarte and now he shocked the world by defeating the WBC champion. The Mexican-American boxer has a record of 25 wins (20 by knockout) and one setback in his professional career.

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