Safer at Work program helps small businesses stay afloat during pandemic

To Miguel 脕lfaro, owner of the restaurant My cute Guanajuato in East Los Angeles, the personal protective equipment and COVID tests he received for free through the program Safer at Workhelped him prevent the spread of the virus among his workers and not close again.

鈥淭hey helped us financially, which is the main thing,鈥 says 脕lfaro, who was forced to close for two months by the pandemic, when he had just opened his business in March 2020.

Even more difficult was that he could not qualify for government aid, and thus overcome the economic crisis that covid brought him, because his restaurant was new.

鈥淭he savings are gone. We had to borrow money from other people. And when they gave the order to open, the clientele we had was very few, and we could only sell to go.鈥

the owner of My cute Guanajuatosays that with everything against them, they are getting ahead.

During the videoconference 鈥淗ow small businesses in Los Angeles stay safer at work鈥, the role of the program was announced Safer at Work for businesses, employees, consumers, and communities to stay as safe as possible while restoring the local economy.

In association with PPE UniteLos Angeles County businesses are eligible to receive supplies from PPE(personal protective equipment) free, including rapid covid-19 test kits, N95 masks and hand sanitizer.

Small businesses in communities like East Los Angeles have been greatly relieved by the Safe at Work program. (The opinion)

Kelly LoBianco, director of the organization LA County Workforce Development Aging and Community Services (WDACS), said they launched the program Safer at Work in November 2020 to disseminate health information to the public.

This is how they managed to reach more than 7,650 businesses, going door to door in the communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

Safer at Workis a county-wide response initiative to health and economic challenges, working with businesses, employees and customers to keep them afloat during the pandemic.鈥

He specified that more than 700,000 people lost their jobs, and some 10,000 businesses suffered to keep their doors open or avoid closing them permanently.

鈥淚t hasn鈥檛 been easy, but we are certainly on the road to recovery, and we need to keep our community safe.鈥

He said that on the website: [email protected] You can find resources like posters and graphics to help Angelenos practice safe behavior during this pandemic.

鈥淲e continue to support businesses and their employees by providing them with access to personal protective equipment such as antibacterial gel, face shields and surgical masks. We have distributed more than 51 million to 66,000 businesses to keep workers and customers safe and doors open.鈥

Interested businesses can call 833-773-8648.

San Jose (United States), 01/06/2022.- A nurse with Santa Clara County gives a Covid-19 nasal swab test to a person at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose, California, USA, 06 January 2022. As the Omicron variant rages across the United States, demand for Covid-19 testing is in high demand.  (United States) EFE/EPA/JOHN G. MABANGLO
Covid-19 tests delivered directly to businesses helped them stay in business. (EFE)

relief program

Jay Tsa, co-founder of PPE Unitethe initiative launched in partnership with the County of Los Angeles, the State of California and the Governor鈥檚 Office of Emergency Services to distribute rapid testing and protective equipment to small businesses and organizations, said they have protected more than one million workers.

He indicated that 61% of the businesses they have supported are minority owned, 40% are owned by women, 65% were micro-businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

Tova Mac, also co-founder of PPE Unitesaid protective gear played a critical role in preventing the spread of COVID in the county鈥檚 small businesses when stores were out of stock.

鈥淭o keep small businesses operating, we went door-to-door in East Los Angeles and to community events to provide, in addition to masks, antibacterial gel, face shields, testing kits for workers so they could take the exams right there. 鈥.

He said they want workers to feel safe because when they get sick, small businesses suffer and go out of business.

鈥淥ur mission is to provide resources for them to stay safe at work, and ask them what else they need.鈥

For information, you can visit the page

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Giving free personal protective equipment to workers saved small businesses money. (Getty Images)

Protection for employees and families

Sandra Vasquez, manager of Legacy Tree Caresaid PPE Unite it has helped them protect their employees and families.

鈥淭heir help came at a time when we needed it most, because getting masks was almost impossible at a certain point.鈥

Legacy Tree Care is a landscape design business that has been collecting fallen trees and providing maintenance since 2008.

鈥淣one of our 28 employees got sick with Covid, but we constantly made sure they were wearing masks, washing their hands and maintaining social distance.鈥

Ely Valdivia, small businesswoman earthy hearta natural body care business, said online sales really helped it in 2020, though it鈥檚 best to sell in a marketplace where people can go and see your products. However, sales in person exposed her to covid.

It was a friend who told her about PPE, and through them, she was able to pick up a month鈥檚 worth of covid protective gear.

鈥淚t was more than enough to use during my public events like hand sanitizer, and covid tests so I didn鈥檛 have to waste time with appointments.鈥

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