Salma Hayek left Penelope Cruz’s daughter shocked by showing her what her pet owl eats

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Penelope Cruz Y Salma Hayek They maintain a fraternal relationship that goes back to the first visit that the first made to Los Angeles to shoot a movie in Hollywood, and so far he can boast of being one of the people who knows the Mexican star best.

As the Spanish actress knows, Salma is a great lover of animals and, to the despair of her husband François Henri Pinault, some time ago she adopted an owl named Kering that is not separated from it. Of course, Penelope has had the opportunity to meet him on one of the visits he made to the Hayek-Pinaults accompanied by his family and, personally, she loves her friend’s new pet because it reminds her of another that one of the neighbors of her grandmother when she was little, although she admits that her eldest daughter was very impressed to find out what exactly the bird’s diet consists of.

Salma invited us to feed her little rats, and gave them to my daughter, who is eight years old, to give to the owl. The first time she was a bit shocked. But hey, now you know that the other animal also has to eat, although the first day I was very impressed“Penelope explained as she passed through the program of Ellen Degeneres. The actress also revealed that she has been to Salma’s supposedly haunted house and while she believes her when she says her London home is haunted, she has never actually experienced anything strange during her stays.

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