Salma Hayek reveals her secret to covering gray hair without dye and in less than 1 minute

Salma Hayek reveals her secret to covering gray hair without dye and in less than 1 minute


Salma Hayek She has become one of the most famous and beloved Latinas in the world due not only to her artistic abilities, but also for her unique beauty and the charisma that has always accompanied her. It is no lie that at almost 60 years old she still has a youthful complexion that takes years away from her; However, something she does not usually do is dye her hair, although on special occasions she temporarily covers it. Today, the actress revealed her secret to eliminate the white hair without dye in less than 1 minute and you won’t believe it!

Dyeing your hair is a time- and money-consuming activity, and Salma Hayek She is very clear about it, which is why she prefers to proudly show off her gray hair rather than touching up her dye every week. On several occasions she has been seen on her social networks without makeup, in pajamas and even without combing her hair. These photos show that, even though the years go by, she continues to look the same beauty as she did in her youth. At 57 years old, she has shamelessly shown off her white hair to his millions of fans.

Today, February 27, he once again published his mane gray-haired and how do you cover them when you have important events in which you do not want them to come to light in order to show off a neater image. It was through a video on Instagram that the Mexican actress revealed her greatest beauty secret to look younger. She confessed that when she combs her own hair she only paints them with a little mascara, but when her hairdresser helps her, he dyes them with a special spray that matches the tone of her natural hair.

“Look at all this white hair. Which is the secret? How can you cover it? Sometimes without having dyed it, when I’m alone I just put on mascara, clean the brush a little and put it like that. […] I have to do this (dye it) every three weeks, so I don’t care,” Hayek said.

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Her millions of followers celebrate that she does not follow beauty standards and always sets an example of self-love. The comments section quickly filled with compliments regarding his white hair. In some comments we read phrases such as: “I mean, you never dye your hair?”, “Does anyone know the name of the product you are using?”, “a little gray hair makes you sexier,” “I think that your gray hair is fabulous, especially when it is growing”, “what mask do you use?”, “even though you have gray hair, you are still a very beautiful woman, Salma

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