Samuel Eto’o dangerously hits a person at the end of the match between Brazil and Korea

Samuel Eto’o dangerously hits a person at the end of the match between Brazil and Korea

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DOHA, Qatar Samuel Eto’o, one of the greatest African soccer players in history and current president of the Cameroon soccer federation, attacked a person when leaving Stadium 974, where Brazil defeated Korea Republic in the round of 16 match of Qatar 2022.

As Eto’o, who is also a “legacy ambassador” for the World Cup, was leaving the stadium, several fans approached him to take a photo with him. It was then that a man appeared with a camera in his hand and there was an interaction between the two.

Samuel Eto’o stopped to demand something from the man. As he fell back, the legendary Cameroon and FC Barcelona striker began to chase him out of control. An Eto’o accompanist took the camera from the man of unknown identity.

At that time, as seen in a video, Eto’o delivered a violent kick that connected the individual in the upper part of the body or perhaps in the headsending him to the ground.

The attack, reprehensible in any case, could have been very dangerous because it occurred just as the man was bending down in search of his camera.

The attacked man could not be interviewed. When Eto’o was asked what had happened, the 41-year-old former soccer player, obviously out of his mind, was unable to explain. and was removed from the scene by his surroundings. There was no police presence at the scene of the incident.

An hour before the incident on Monday, former NFL star Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) posted a photo with Eto’o at the 974 Stadium facility.

The Cameroonian team was eliminated in the group stage despite a victory over Brazil.

Eto’o, awarded four times as African Footballer of the Year, left a very deep mark on the sportbut it has also been involved in some scandals and legal problems, including tax fraud in Spain.

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