Sandra Delgado narrates her bilingual and bicultural musical experience – El Diario NY

Sandra Delgado narrates her bilingual and bicultural musical experience – El Diario NY

With the rhythm and music of Colombia on the surface, the playwright, writer and actress Sandra Delgado arrives in New York to present a bilingual show that honors her experience and that of many other immigrants who live and identify with two or more cultures. and languages.

“It doesn’t matter the language or the country, the audience will feel the rhythm and the music of Colombia in their body,” said the artist born in Chicago with Colombian roots about “The Sandra Delgado Experience”, which will take place this Tuesday, September 22. August on stage at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan.

“Singing in my two languages ​​is a special experience for me, as it allows me to celebrate my two cultures,” said Delgado with emotion. “The songs are a combination of the Colombian music that I listened to in my childhood; folk songs, songs that we danced to at parties in the basement when I was a child and they are also songs that have taken me through the happiest and also the saddest moments in life.”

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“Singing in my two languages ​​is a special experience for me, since it allows me to celebrate my two cultures,” says Delgado (right)./Photo: Courtesy

The show that Delgado has prepared for the public at Joe’s Pub will also offer special songs written by her, inspired by the rhythm and the stories that have motivated her in her musical and theater career.

“The two original songs that I am going to share are boleros. I have written these songs with the Chilean composer, Cristian Amigo, with whom I collaborated on my work called ‘La Havana Madrid’ that I just produced in California”, Delgado commented.

The artist began her professional career as an actress and singer at a very early age, and is currently dedicated to creating her own shows.

“I have worked on many plays and about ten years ago I started writing my own plays. That was like finding myself again in my roots of music and dance, because all the works that I have written have a very musical element”, expressed the singer.

For Delgado it is vital to live in the present, and he assures that his art demonstrates the importance of not stagnating in moments that have already happened or have not happened and that cannot be controlled.

“It is important to remind ourselves daily of the abundance that surrounds us, especially in the last three years that we have passed. So much loss and so much sadness. For me it is important that the art that I am putting in the world is art that can truly generate a connection between human beings, to realize that we have more in common than differences”, added the artist.

Latin rhythms sound more and more and that is why Delgado’s concert is created to reach the entire public regardless of race, nationality, culture or language.

“Music is the art form that has the power to connect the whole world. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the words or if you don’t know the dance steps. Music can connect us in a way that no other art form can connect us to me,” she concludes.

The doors of Joe’s Pub will open to the public at 6 pm and the show will begin at 7 pm. For tickets and information, visit:

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