Santiago Solari received a sanction match from Liga MX

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After being expelled on the first day for protesting and invading the field, Santiago Solari will be suspended for only one game of the MX League and the next engagement of the America against him Atlas FC.

In the match against Puebla played at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, the Argentine strategist entered the field and claimed the referee Oscar Mejia for the sanction of a fault in favor of the camoteros that, in his opinion, was not for a card and later expulsion of the end Roger Martinez.

The sanction of a single commitment was established by only the entry of Santiago Solari to the field of play to claim the referee, in addition, as there were no insults or aggressions, there are no reasons to increase the punishment for the coach of the Eagles of America.

On the other hand, America will have to face the current Mexican soccer monarchs, Atlas FC, without Santiago Solari on the bench and with the resignation of Roger Martínez, after being sent off for a double yellow card in the first match of Clausura 2022.


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