Say goodbye to ‘crow’s feet’ with this 3-ingredient home remedy

Say goodbye to ‘crow’s feet’ with this 3-ingredient home remedy

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Among all the consequences of aging For aesthetics, perhaps wrinkles are the most feared. In particular, the famous “Crow’s feet” manage to keep more than one person from sleeping. And although it is possible to treat them through some outpatient and/or surgical procedures, the truth is that none of this is cheap. For this reason, in most cases, it is better to opt for the home remedies.

What are crow’s feet?

This is the name given to all those wrinkles that develop near the eyes; and that in general, cover from the area under the eyes to the temple. It is their peculiar shape that gives them their colloquial name. Broadly speaking, I could say that no one is free from Crow’s feetsince they originate mainly from the constant muscle contraction of the area where they are located. And of course, they can become more pronounced when the skin loses its elasticity due to bad habits: smoking, poor quality of sleep, etc.

The home remedy that is infallible to eliminate crow’s feet

Precisely because of what was explained in the previous paragraph, the key is to give your skin the infusion of youth it needs. This is achieved by providing vitamin C, vitamin E, collagen, and antioxidants that help fade expression lines in general. Therefore, the combination of aloe vera with avocado is essential; aloe vera moisturizes by penetrating the skin; while avocado is one of the purest forms of collagen. To prepare the Home remedy With these ingredients that will eliminate crow’s feet, follow the following steps:

  • Boil some water until bubbles start to appear. Consider the quantities: the idea is more to make a putty or a paste, not a ‘juice.’
  • Then, add the aloe vera extracted directly from the leaf along with half an avocado.
  • Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon to ensure a more homogeneous and uniform dough.
  • Once you notice that the mixture decreases in lumps, let it cool and settle by resting.
  • Subsequently, transfer the resulting mixture to a glass jar.

The idea is that you put this mixture on as a mask for at least two weeks. Of course: you may have to prepare it several times, since the avocado will begin to oxidize your preparation. Change it as soon as this happens to treat your Crow’s feet. Now, apart from that, apply this Home remedy on your face every night, for a period of between 15 to 30 minutes; and then rinse with cold water until nothing remains. You will begin to notice results from the first seven days.

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