Sebastián Rulli’s powerful message to those struggling with alcohol addiction

sebastian rulli los ricos tambien lloran televisaunivision

Sebastian Rulli He is currently the protagonist of the telenovela “Rich people cry too“, production where he shares credits with the actress claudia martin. The actor plays Luis Alberto Salvatierra who has addiction problems to alcohol and gambling.

After strong scenes where his fictional character drowns himself in alcohol to forget his sorrows, Rulli published a powerful message for those who suffer from alcoholism in real life.

Alcohol and disappointment are the common denominator of people who have a bad time in life!! If you are going to drink, let it be for joy, for the pleasure of sharing a toast, but not for an escape or pressure (and much less if you do not control it)“, published the actor.

Luis Alberto Salvatierra is an attractive man with an enigmatic personality. He was born into the multimillionaire Salvatierra family. Luis Alberto grew up surrounded by luxuries and comforts, but he lives overwhelmed by a tragic memory that occurred when he was 12 years old: his younger brother, Matías, 10 years old, drowned in the sea, trying to save him.

Although Luis Alberto was not responsible for that accident, he bears that guilt, which will generate deep insecurity and great pain that will accompany him throughout his life. His parents, don Alberto and Elena, suffered terribly from that loss. Suffering that year later, led to divorce.

Deep down, Don Alberto always blamed Luis Alberto for the death of his other son and made him feel that way, affecting him forever. His character weakened, so he was always easy to manipulate. From a very young age, Luis Alberto had a fondness for parties, alcohol, women and, above all, gambling. When he meets Mariana, he sees her with bad eyes, but her freshness, simplicity and friendliness begin to awaken feelings in hers that he had not known until now.

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