Sebastián Yatra shows his naked body and his fans go crazy on Instagram

Sebastian Yatra

Sebastian Yatra

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sebastián Yatra drove his Instagram followers crazy. The Colombian singer published a photograph in which a large part of his body is naked and covers his most intimate parts with his hands. The only thing that is covered with any clothing is the lower part of his legs, where his pants rest.

“If you want your day to continue very normal, don’t go see #ÉraseUnaVezPeroYaNo on @netflix,” the Colombian wrote next to the image in which Mónica Mara also appears, putting her hand to her mouth in surprise.

This image of Yatra showing almost her entire body so far has more than 1,224,466 likes and many comments. These are some of the messages that have been left to the interpreter of “Red Heels” in this photograph:

“BUT SEBASTIAN HAHAHAHAHAHA”, “At least you are one of the fittest there is”, “but this was Karol G first, now Sebastian Yatra seriously” and “this man is not afraid of anything” can be read in the post . Likewise, many people told him that they had already seen the Netflix series and that they loved it.

Yatra recently made his acting debut in the Spanish Netflix series “Once upon a time but no longer.” a musical fiction that tells the story of two lovers who were tragically separated and who must meet to break the spell that exists in the town where they live.

While Yatra enjoys his debut as an actor, the artist lives a great moment due to his concert tour called “Dharma tour”, in what is his first solo tour.

A few weeks ago Yatra also gave something to talk about when speaking about Christian Nodal and Belinda. The breakup of the artists and the situation that was generated with the engagement ring of three million dollars that Nodal had given to the actress and singer caused a comment from Yatra: “I give away books and things with meaning. I have never given such an expensive gift. I think it’s something I learned from my dad when I was little, when he told me the love story with my mom,” said the singer.

Days later he assured during an interview with Galena Solano for El Gordo y La Flaca that after that comment he left the sentimental market for many people: “When I said that I give away things like books, I already left the market for many people. A lot of people don’t want to be with me anymore.”

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