Second season of “Andor” deepens the course of Cassian

Second season of “Andor” deepens the course of Cassian

Tony Gilroy, creator of the “Andor” series, derived from the “Star Wars” universe, assured that the second part of the story will follow the path that Cassian Andor travels to become a leader and the human reasons that will lead him to fight.

Cassian Andor’s commitment to the rebellion is no longer in question, he is ready to fight. Now the series will be more about how do you become a leader? And how do you sustain your energy in the face of so much pain and defeat?” Gilroy told EFE.

The recordings of the second and final season of the Disney+ series, prequel to the film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (2016), began the same week that the first installment came to an end on the streaming platform.

The fateful, but heroic, fate of Cassian Andor, played by the Mexican diego lunawas captured in the film and the series focused on following the path of the rebels five years before the successful theft of the plans for the space station, Death Star.

As Gilroy, who was also a co-writer on the film, knows that “it’s obvious to wait where the story ends”, he has dedicated himself to telling an action-adventure tale, prioritizing the meticulous detail of his character development, as well as the intricacies. of their internal worlds.

“The more you understand what the characters go through, the more powerful the emotion they generate in the audience, and as the story progresses, the connection to their problems and their questions deepens,” the author explained.

The project, which dispenses with the most characteristic elements of the original saga, such as the Jedi or the famous laser swords, has been one of the series most accepted by the public and highly valued by critics.


And despite the fact that the “Star Wars” universe is preceded by a history and a specific context that is difficult to deny, in which thousands of fans have their critical gaze, Gilroy assured that he has maintained the creative freedom that characterizes his projects and “without an agenda.” theme” at the time of writing.

«I never say, ‘I’m going to do something political, or something that will make you cry’, I don’t work like that, I let the story come and I trust my instincts like when you trust the wind and you’re in a boat. Circumstances are going to throw me where I have to go, “she assured.

In the second season, “Andor” led him to ask himself certain questions that he believes could well be applied to the reality of human coexistence and teamwork.

“I am fascinated with sacrifice, that moves me a lot and I am very interested in how communities come together, because I think it is always difficult to debate with any community,” the producer mentioned.

In addition, it promises a dramatic and intense future for all the characters that remained alive, especially Bix Caleen, played by Adria Arjona, and Cassian, who gave his life to defend their fight in “Rogue One”: “they will make the last sacrifices of their lives,” Gilroy said.

Making an analogy with the world, the producer admires the courage of both characters and wonders: “How could we live without people like them in the world? Where would we be if there were no people who stood up for what was right?”

The final season of the series will cover the remaining four years it will take for the rebels to reach the time of “Rogue One”, a film that was a prequel to the first “Star Wars” film in 1977.

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