‘Seinfeld’ actor Michael Richards spoke about his fight against prostate cancer – El Diario NY

‘Seinfeld’ actor Michael Richards spoke about his fight against prostate cancer – El Diario NY


After spending several years away from the artistic environment, the actor Michael Richards He reappeared a few days ago on a red carpet. Now, in his memoir “Entrances and Exits,” which he will release on June 4, he talks about his fight against prostate cancer from which he suffers.

According to People magazine, the star of the series “Seinfeld”, where he played Cosmo Kramer, reveals in his book that he was diagnosed stage 1 prostate cancer during the summer of 2018, after a routine medical check-up and at that time he was very close to death.

I thought, ‘Well, this is my moment. I’m ready to go’“The 75-year-old comedian explained that that was what went through his head when he was told the news, although he immediately reconsidered that he should try to stay alive when thinking about the little son he shares with his partner, Beth Skipp.

I told the doctor: ‘I have a nine-year-old boy and I would like to be close to him. Is there any way he can have a little more life?‘”.

Advised by his doctor, Richards prepared to undergo a complex operation; A few days later he went into the operating room to have his prostate completely removed because the result of the biopsy had not been clear.

“The cancer had to be contained quickly. I had to have full surgery. If I hadn’t done it, would probably have died in about eight months“He noted, ensuring that, although his battle against cancer continues, the disease is already about to disappear.

On June 4, Michael Richards will release his memoir, “Entrances and Exits,” where he recounts his rises and falls in his career, his fight against cancer and his racist scandal from a few years ago.

Michael Richards’ racist insults

In 2006, the comedian was “canceled” after starring in a violent episode that landed him on the news and on the front pages of newspapers.

In one of his many stand-up shows at The Laugh Factory (a club in West Hollywood), he began hurling racist insults at a group of African Americans who, according to him, had not stopped talking during his performance.

“Fifty years ago we would have put you face down with a fork up your butt. You can talk, you can talk, you’re brave now… Kick him out of here. He’s a black, he’s a black! “A black man, look, there’s a black man!” said the actor from the stage. To the stupor and some boos from the audience, the comedian said: “This is what happens when you interrupt a white man.”

This situation caused immediate criticism to rain down on him and his career was paralyzed by the scandal. Since then, he gradually moved away from the industry.

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