Shakira confirms Mexico and Ecuador on her tour “Las Mujeres No Longer Lloran World Tour” – El Diario NY

Shakira confirms Mexico and Ecuador on her tour “Las Mujeres No Longer Lloran World Tour” – El Diario NY

A few weeks after announcing the realization of his new tour, “Women No Longer Cry World Tour”, Shakira gave a gift to his fans in Latin America by confirming that Mexico and Ecuador will be part of his next concert series.

Through a live broadcast on TikTok, the Colombian made an “invitation” to her fans to send her the list of songs they would like to hear at her next concerts.

However, despite the emotion that this request generated in the followers of the businesswoman, the “Día de Enero” interpreter dropped a “bomb” that caused a true revolution on social networks.

I need you to send me the wishlist, the wish list of the songs you want me to sing. I already know the ones I’m going to sing, but I can hear one or another request out there. Yes, I’m going to play in Mexico, of course I’m going to go to Mexico, go to Ecuador, I still can’t tell you when, but I’ll tell you the dates soon.”



Shakira extends her tour to Latin America

Despite the exciting announcement, the South American did not provide more details in the same broadcast about when she would reveal the dates in said Latin countries as well as the dates of the shows themselves.

The above also raised certain doubts about whether Shakira It will only include Mexico and Ecuador or it only mentioned these countries due to live questions from its followers.

Shakira posing.

However, the truth is that it was a matter of time before the Colombian revealed some details about her upcoming concerts after last April, the former partner of Gerard Piqué will announce his new tour only in the United States, which will begin in November of this year in Palm Desert, California.

Due to the above, and due to the few dates announced so far, which will end next December in the city of Miami, it is extremely likely that the Colombian will begin her journey through the rest of America and the world in 2025.

Shakira posing.
Shakira released her album “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” last March.
Credit: Mezcalo

Shakira unravels her past

In recent days, and as part of the promotion of his recent album, Shakira He gave an interview where he talked about various topics in his life. However, what was most striking about her last talk was the revelation she made regarding one of his most successful and important topics in her career: “Torture”.

According to the Colombian, she first invited the Mexican band Manna to carry out the song. But faced with the group’s refusal, she decided to resort to Alejandro Sanzwhich resulted in a real success.

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