Shakira declares herself a fan of the regional Mexican genre when posing with Grupo Frontera – El Diario NY

Shakira declares herself a fan of the regional Mexican genre when posing with Grupo Frontera – El Diario NY

The recent revelation of the songs that make up the new album by ShakiraWomen Don’t Cry Anymore”, has made clear the Colombian’s intention to open herself to musical genres in which she does not usually work commonly.

It should be remembered that prior to the announcement of her new album material, the Latin businesswoman has also released a series of songs, with various artists, that are part of genres such as bachata to rap.

For this reason, and as a way to “soak” herself entirely in her album, which will be released on March 22, the “Día de Enero” performer revealed her love and tribute to one of the most listened to musical genres. in the current Latin market and that will be part of his next album: the Mexican regional.

Shakira posing.
Shakira will collaborate with various artists on her new album such as Cardi B, Bizarrap, among others.
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Shakira pays tribute to the Mexican regional

Through his official Instagram account, Shakira published a photograph where he revealed the first work session together with Border Groupwith whom he has formed a “team” in his new material through the song “Entre Paréntesis”.

In the same publication, where the Colombian appears posing together with the members of the Mexican group, she added the message as a clear example of her fondness for this genre:

Our first session with @grupofrontera of this song (Entre Paréntesis) My little tribute to the regional Mexican genre that I like so much! “Women No Longer Cry March 22”



It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time in Shakira He works with a group of the regional Mexican genre. And at the end of last year, the “Waka Waka” singer released, together with the band Ruled Forcethe song “El Jefe”, which, if special, could be dedicated to his ex-partner, Gerard Piqué.

Sofía Vergara participating in an event.

Added to this, Shakira He declared, through an interview for the program Despierta América, his enthusiasm for working with the band of American origin.

“This song that we have made with Edgar Barrera, with Keityn, two great talents, which also culminated with one of the best recording studio sessions I have had in my life, which was working with the Frontera Group”



In addition to his collaboration with Border Group, Shakira He will also feature, within his new album, other songs with artists such as Rauw Alejandro, Bizarre, Cardi Bamong other stars.

Women Don’t Cry Anymore” will become the 12th album by the South American artist in her more than 20 years of career. Likewise, it will be its first simultaneous release, on March 22 of this year, on digital platforms as well as in its vinyl version.

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