Shakira in shock at the leak of a nude: Gerard Piqué is exposed

Shakira during her participation in the Super Bowl.

Shakira during her participation in the Super Bowl.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

No one will dare say poor Shakira. Because even when her husband has been exposed and naked, everyone still thinks that she is very lucky, because in addition to the fact that the FC Barcelona player loves her, he is, as many and many say, “gorgeous and in excellent shape” to say the minors.

Apparently a colleague wanted to show the dressing room, especially the outfit of Dani Alves who has returned to the Blaugrana club, without noticing that Piqué was naked behind.

Now, that Gerard Piqué is naked in the locker room is not the problem. But that the image has leaked to social networks. But his friend and his partner wanted to play down the matter, ensuring that in the first place there is no drama, and secondly, who has not seen a navel. But beware that the image in question has had to be blurred.

Now photos of Shakira’s husband are making the rounds on Twitter in the form of memes, asking people to simply not look at his crotch.

Some fans of the club and the players have limited themselves to following the joke, adding even more heat and color to the situation with comments like this: “Pique naked in the locker room, Pedri naked on the pitch and now Alves naked on social media. Does Barca have a problem with nudity and should it be expelled from La Liga?

Now Piqué’s “paquetón” is what many say on Twitter based on memes. And it is that Gerard Piqué seems to have seen everything and social networks have gone crazy. And it is that by accident the player appears in the background of an image and they say that now everyone knows the player so intimately, as Shakira knows him so well.

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