Shakira left Piqué on the canvas with her new song and the memes did not wait

Shakira left Piqué on the canvas with her new song and the memes did not wait

Shakira and Bizzarap revealed this afternoon a controversial single that has been a special dedication to Gerard Piqué.

Gonzalo Julian Condebetter known as BSZRPpublished in Twitter that the collaboration with the interpreter of “I congratulate you” would be part of your BZRP Music Session #53.

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And so it was, at 6:00 p.m. the song and the video were published in various digital platforms and it has been a success, since the harsh verses are part of a cold farewell to Shakira to the relationship he had with Pique.

The memes have not been long in coming and on social networks, laughter and criticism have not been lacking.

It was two days ago when Shakira announced on his social networks that on January 11 there would be something new for all his fans.

A wolf like me is not for guys like you!”, Was the only phrase that accompanied the publication.

Some of the comments that can be found on Twitter are not entirely positive: “All the hurt in networks are coming”, “Shakira’s obsession rather” are part of the criticism that the new single has generated.

But, on the other hand, many support each of Shakira’s lines in her new song, since they recognize that Gerard Piqué behaved dishonestly with the singer.

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“Here we cry and it is also invoiced. We love you queen”, “Share this Shakira out of spite so that every time they turn you around you can turn it into millions of dollars,” some followers wrote.

This won’t be the first song Shakira dedicate to her ex, since since their separation the Colombian has used music to go through the process of her breakup.

“I congratulate you” and “Monotony” They are two songs where the Colombian had already recounted part of her process of overcoming the breakup with the father of her children, and has made it clear that music is her means to overcome any difficulty of the heart.

A theme several times mentioned in the hundreds of opinions that arose from the song of the music session #53 of BZRP was how the children of the ex-couple would take the dedication and there was no shortage of memes to add a little humor to the situation.

Gerard Pique seems not having taken well the announcement of the collaboration between the Argentine and the singer, so in his account of Twitter posted a series of emoticons that seem to be a hint to Shakira.

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A circus tent, a horse, a clown and a ferris wheelwas what Pique answered for the song.


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