Shakira, Piqué was unfaithful to him with many women, reveals paparazzi

Shakira, Piqué was unfaithful to him with many women, reveals paparazzi

Shakira, Piqué was unfaithful to him with many women, reveals paparazzi (Instagram)

Shakira, Piqué was unfaithful to him with many women, reveals paparazzi | instagram

The oldest scandal of 2022 in show business was the break between Shakira and Gerard Piquéa situation that occurred as a result of the paparazzi Jordi Martin make public the photos that confirmed the infidelity of the famous soccer player and today the photographer reveals what it meant to be the cause of everything coming to light.

Thanks to Jordi Martin the world knew that the father of the children of ShakiraHe was in a relationship with a woman named Clara Chiawhich triggered a whole scandal worldwide, due to the magnitude of fame of Shakira And from the same player.

With 17 years of experience, Jordi Martinhas a solid career in the world of paparazzi and thanks to his discovery, all this 2022, he dedicated himself to covering the scandalous separation between Shakira and Pique and so far he breaks the silence and tells everything he knows about this separation.

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The photographer Jordi Martin gave an interview to TV y Novelas magazine in which he revealed many details of everything that has been this process in which he had a lot to do. At the beginning, the paparazzi talked about his relationship with the famous ex-partner of Shakira and Piqué.

According to the paparazzi, they have been behind them for many years, since they began their love relationship. He narrated that when the World Cup in South Africa ended in 2010, the couple traveled to Ibiza, a place where he was already waiting for them, and there he found them in a nightclub called Pacha.

A contact told me that they were flirting; Shakira and Piqué spent the night together in a hotel in the north of the island, and from then on I gave her constant monitoring for about six months. It took me a lot to take the first photos, but it could be done, ”she revealed.

As he explained, following the couple to get the best photos of their romance was not easy to do, so he had to specialize in the couple, because there were already many photographers behind them.

From the first moment I knew that Gerard was being unfaithful to Shakira, it is something that I have already discussed with his brother, I have told him: “I can’t believe that with how intelligent your sister is, she didn’t see this.” Really, it was very evident ”, asserted, Martin.

Martin assured TV y Novelas that the first woman with whom Piqué was unfaithful to Shakira was with Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend, Bar Rafaeli. According to her, she said, the woman went to all the Barcelona games.

I have a close contact with Bar who told me that the only one he came to see was Piqué. Piqué is smart, he made believe that he was not, he diverted attention to Dani Alves and Xavi, even to his coach, Pep Guardiola. People have asked me why if Piqué has always been unfaithful to Shakira, there hasn’t been an image,” said Marti.

The photographer assured that there were never any photos of that, because Piqué is a very intelligent guy, who obviously does not let himself be seen with a lover or walk hand in hand. He explained that his strategy was always to go separately. According to him, he said, Piqué entered through one area and the woman in turn through another. “From day one, Shakira’s relationship with the soccer player had an expiration date,” he said.

In an interview with TV y Novelas, Martin revealed that his relationship with Piqué was nil, although he described it as “quite tense”, because he revealed that they came to hand slaps and attacks on both sides, since they have always had very strong disputes Why, Gerard Piqué never understood his work as paparazzi and assured that the footballer is a “very impulsive, arrogant and arrogant guy”.

Well with everyone, he’s a guy that when people really get to know him, they know he’s unpleasant, classist, treats ordinary people very badly and generally looks over his shoulder… He’s rude, almost equal to his father. Gerard’s mother is a doctor and has other more human qualities; Monserrat is wonderful, but the father is a narcissist. I never understood how Shakira was drooling over him, “said Martin.

Openly, the photographer assured that Gerard Piqué was unfaithful to Shakira with many women and affirmed that people who are assiduous to the nightlife in Barcelona know each other and there are four nightlife places where important people come.

They always told me: “Gerard has done this, Gerard has done that, the girl over there has left the service after being with Piqué at the disco…”. And well, excited Shakira, ”she said.

In addition to all this, he assured that he witnessed various injustices from Piqué to Shakira. He gave as an example, two occasions in which Shakira did not go to the Grammy gala, one of them, because Piqué wanted him to introduce him to the owner of Rakuten (the most important online sales company in Japan), a Japanese personal friend of Shakira’s , and she wanted to do a business there.

Barça ended the contract with Qatar Airlines, which was the team’s main sponsor, and they needed a sponsor, which is why Piqué asked Shakira to introduce him to that important businessman to keep a commission,” he revealed.

For this reason it was that Shakira did not attend the Grammys, to help him make that approach, in addition to the fact that Piqué commissioned a large amount of money, just over five million euros (almost 101 million pesos); of a total payment of 180 million (three thousand 628 million pesos).

Piqué took the three percent commission. Yes, and what I want to highlight is that Shakira has refused for love of public recognition of her successes, her career, her fame, in addition to the fact that she has been used by whoever should applaud her loudest. her achievements,” she assured.

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