Shakira shows off her curves with a fitted black mini DRESS and receives compliments on Instagram |  PHOTO

Shakira shows off her curves with a fitted black mini DRESS and receives compliments on Instagram | PHOTO


Being one of the most famous Latinas and loved by everyone, Shakira It has become a source of inspiration for women and not only for its female empowerment, but also for the courage and values ​​it reflects. In recent days, he has been promoting his most recent release and, therefore, he has been seen wearing his best clothes. In recent days, she posted on Instagram a photo with a mini-dress black color with which he stole sighs.

everything you do Shakira She is a source of praise, but also of criticism from her detractors who ask her to get over her ex Gerard Piqué and focus the lyrics of her songs on other, less controversial topics. However, that does not change the fact that she is a resilient woman and brave to make his pain public. In short, the way in which she has decided to carry out her grieving process has helped her heal, but also to continue billing and launch her new studio album, which has been a success.

Her latest album named ‘Women No Longer Cry’ was released just last March 22 and is already one of the favorites of her millions of fans. On the occasion of its premiere, the 47-year-old Colombian has been on a promotional tour in different sites and programs in which she has shared a little more about the process of writing the songs, the inspiration she had and everything behind her lyrics. . Her most recent appearance was for Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show yesterday, where she spoke with the show’s host.


For your presentation, Shakira decided to attend with a mini-dress in a black tone that showed off her pronounced curves, which she combined with boots of the same tone. As usual, the Colombian wore natural makeup that highlighted her Latin features and her natural hair with the curls that characterize her so much. In addition, she did not miss the opportunity to sing for the first time her new song ‘Puntería’, which she sings with Cardi B, in which she dedicates some phrases in which she refers to a possible romance.

“But if you steal two kisses from me, I won’t even think about the third one. I spend the entire night undecided and wake up with your shirt. I don’t know if I want to stop anymore. And your hands melt me, your lips drug me, your biceps make me go crazy,” the song says.

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